Nov 052013

Tomorrow, later, I’ll get around to it – most people put off planning their last days.  Over 120 million Americans do not have an up-to-date estate plan to protect themselves or their families in the event of sickness, accidents, or untimely death.

Why?  Most people just don’t think about tomorrow or that they just don’t understand the process.    Or – could it be that people are just stressed about today?  Heck – it’s been shown that young people are more likely to be concerned about maintaining their weight than protecting their financial assets. Continue reading »

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Oct 042013

One of the wonderful perks of building technology for various organizations is the variety.  In the summer of 2012 Fusedata was tasked with building an online community for Historic Newton – a nonprofit organization that maintains historic Newton properties, exhibits historical artifacts, and present public programs to the local community.

This online community – the Newton Centure Club – deeply connects with Continue reading »

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Jun 152013

The Colcester Consulting Group turned to Fusedata Consulting to establish an online presence to promote their strategic advisory services.   Fusedata evaluated the requirements, identified a design, and then collaborated extensively with Colchester Consulting to deliver an online presence.    Colchesting Consulting Group delivers outstanding corporate strategic advice in the design and implementation of growth and performance improvements leading to stellar results.  Fusedata Consulting provided the platform to deliver this message.

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Aug 172012

How are T. S. Eliot, Bill Gates, and Paul Wylie related?  Why, they are all alums of The Fox Club – one of eight Harvard final clubs.

Fusedata Consulting developed this club’s online virtual community back in 2005 for both undergrads and alums.  Originally built in 2005 entirely in PHP, we put together everything from soup to nuts:  secure login, hashed password recovery,  member directory, an admin backend to allow contributors to post news articles and events, and of course all the typical front-end facing interfaces.  Heck, we should have made it into a CMS, along the lines of WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Then, as does happen Continue reading »

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